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The Department of Forest Research and Survey (DFRS) was initially established as "Forest Resources Survey Project" in 1963 to develop forest statistics and conduct research for maximizing forest productivity. Since then, the office had undergone through an institutional evolutionary process. After 13 years of its establishment, it became Forest Survey and Research Office (FSRO) in 1976 and the forestry research faculty was formed in 1977.

In 1988 the FSRO was divided in two parts- the Forest Survey and the Forest Research. Forest Survey was placed under then Forest Ministry and Forest Research under then Department of Medicinal Plants, which was renamed as the Department of Forestry and Plant Research. In 1993, the two separated parts were reunited to form a semi-autonomous body "Forest Research and Survey Center" (FORESC). In 1999, the Center was upgraded to the Departmental status as the Department of Forest Research and Survey. The Department is the only government designated forestry research and survey organization in Nepal that works in close collaboration with various national stakeholders and international agencies. The Department has two divisions: Forest Research Division (FRD) and Forest Survey Division (FSD).

It has also central support units such as soil and seed laboratories; planning, monitoring and evaluation; information and extension; central forest library; finance and administration. The Forestry Research Division is engaged to develop and demonstrate appropriate technologies related to natural and manmade forest management, determining forest growth to maximize forest productivity, identify suitable tree species for different site conditions and develop their nursery and silvicultural technologies. Research is also conducted in the field of agroforestry and fodder production, tree improvement, socio-economic studies, utilization of forest products such as bamboo and rattan, and preparation of simple volume and biomass tables for different forest species. The Forest Survey Division generates valuable statistics and information necessary to plan overall forestry development at national, regional and district levels.


Mr. Ramesh Shakya
Officiating Director General

Mr. Hasta Bahadur Thapa
Deputy Director General

Mr. Deepak Kumar Kharal
Deputy Director General

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