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Department of Forest Research and Survey

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Agroforestry Section

The section was initially formed as "Agroforestry and Fodder" in 1986/87 under Forestry Research Project of Forest Survey and Research Office. Experiments on fodder tree species establishment, elimination, lopping, yield study, and selection of exotic species have been conducted in the different ecological regions such as, Terai, Middle Hills and High Mountains . Survey of fodder trees on farmlands had been conducted and results published. The research results of completed experiments have appeared in various forestry journals and presented in workshops/seminars. Additional agroforestry trials were established in Agricultural Research Station and Herbal Farms. Besides the regular HMGN programmes, the section has conducted research on tree fodder and livestock feeding experiments in collaboration with National Research Institute, U.K and Nepal Agroforestry Foundation during 1997-2000.
The objectives of the section are:

  • To improve agricultural productivity through conducting tree-crop interaction studies;
  • To study prevailing agroforestry systems in the country;
  • To identify species for higher fodder yield; and
  • To optimize fodder yields through research.

For further information, please contact:
Mr.Keshab Raj Goutam
Research Officer

Contact no.:98512248680

Department of Forest Research and Survey
GPO Box 3339 ,
Kathmandu , Nepal